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.:. Welcome to the Team Rango web site! .:.

Okay, Team Rango is, basically a team of people who love pokemon. We know that we are nerds, and we dont care. Overall, this site has many things to do that will keep you coming back including: news on Team Rango and Pokemon in general, fun pages such as Team Rango Missions, information on the Pokemon Games, information on the TCG, and even some free graphics, fan-fiction, and more! What else could you want?! We hope that you enjoy this website, and we're sure you will if you are a Pokemon fan. Also, if you are viewing this site, thank you very much, and please give me feedback in the Contact Us page or you can just e-mail me at my Rango-exclusive e-mail, teamrango@gmail.com, and I will be sure to respond. Well, I hope you like the site!

.:. Updates .:.

Well, I will use this page to update about this website, Team Rango, and Pokemon in general.

Ohai thar…

Posted Sep 1, 2010. Filed under . 4803 comments.

Hello, everyone… Wow, it is a strange feeling between awkward and excited to say that I’m back. I haven’t updated SINCE FEBRUARY!!! HOW HAVE I GOTTEN THIS LAZY?! *facepalms* I had a great site (in my opinion) going that I was very passionate about, then all of the sudden, I JUST LET IT DIE! WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!

I know all of you probably have either forgotten of this site’s existence, or hate me. Most, if not all, of my affiliates have removed me, and it looks as though I’m going to have some MAJOR rebuilding to do. I will reveal one thing: I plan on revamping the entire site, getting rid of almost everything and re-doing it all, with updated information, and better quality.

I plan on a LOT of changes, as well. I’m adding a LOT and plan on adding a TON of staff to continue working, so I can rebuild the site quicker, and help maintain it once it’s big again. If you want to join the staff, don’t ask quite yet. I will after my big announcement later (after MewDragon responds to me eMail I sent him) and begin rebuilding.

Well, I guess that is about all there is to say for now, so just to recap: This site is ON THE ROAD TO VIRIDIAN *shot* OK… *puts on serious face* This site is back on the road to being awesome once again. See you guys in a little while. PT

New Styles, New Article, Graphics, etc.

Posted Feb 2, 2010. Filed under . 82 comments.


Well, I know it has been a while since I last updated, almost a month to be exact, but I have a pretty good lot of stuff this update, though… So, let’s go ahead and get started on this update! PT (Yes, I know I use that emoticon too much, but whatever…) First of all, we have 2 brand-spanking-new styles on the style switcher the Metagross style by pj34 and the Neon Rotom Style by yours truly! I really like them both, but there is just something about neon that just makes me want to stare at it… So, I bet you know which style I’ll be using now, but the Meragross style is still awesome because Metagross FTW!!! PT (Ugh, yet again with the awesome emoticon!)

We also have a few new articles including one about the Battle Tower by TruetoCheese under the Pokemon Section in the left side bar, as well as rant I wrote on the 3rd version of Pokemon games (like Platinum, Emerald, Yellow & Crystal)… go to the page under the Fun section for an elaboration! Also, there are some new graphics (I am not going to name all of them, for I have forgotten which are new! XD) such as my new Turtwig Wallpaper, and more!

Well, that is about it…Yes, I know it is not much at all for a month, but I am beginning to get a bit lazy, yet I still try and update something every once in a while… sorry guys, and thanks for keeping up the views! Bye! PT

Welcome, TruetoCheese!

Posted Jan 10, 2010. Filed under . 327 comments.


I know the title kind of spoiled it, but we have a new staff member here on Team Rango! His name is TruetoCheese and he is going to be writing articles. He has already written a really in-depth article about the Underground from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. It is in the left side bar under the “Pokemon” tab, so I really suggest you go check it out!

Also, we have a few new graphics. 3 or 4 new free banners, 1 new free button, and 2 new free splashes. I hope you enjoy looking at them (I know that’s probably all they’ll ever be used for xD) and hopefully use them on your site if you have one! Also, I would just like to note that we have a new affiliate. I know that I hardly ever point it out, but it is The Sky Pillar! Go check that out, it’s a really cool site with an awesome layout.

Well, if you guys would have checked, you would already know that teamrango.net beat teamrango.com by a landslide! I will be getting the domain on the site’s birthday, March 13 to celebrate. Well, that’s really all I have to say on this update. So just go check out that new content as well as The Sky Pillar! See you guys later!!! PT

Merry Christmas :D

Posted Dec 23, 2009. Filed under . 18 comments.


Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add the poll! *shot* I added the poll below now! PT

Well, you may have noticed that the updates look much different than they used to! That is because lolitsronald installed FanUpdate for me!!! Now, you guys can comment on my posts, a thing that I have wanted for a looong time! OK, on to the main news!

First of all, me and one of my friends, wishjirachi from Kasumi have began working together on graphics. We call it Project Metagraphic! It is where I make the base for a banner, and she adds some really neat effects to it to make it look even better than before! It is a complicated process, but it definitely pays off in the end because we usually end up with a really amazing graphic. Wishy and I both have our own versions of this page, so if you want to see mine, click here, and if you want to see hers, click here!

Another thing that I would like to mention is that I won a free domain from namecheap.com! I will (of course) be using that domain for a real domain for Team Rango, which is another thing I have wanted for a looong time! I will post a poll at the bottom of the page which will have a list of domain names for Team Rango, which I will close in a week! Yes, you guys get to pick! :D Because I love the people who visit my site! (No, not in that way!)

There really isn’t much else to say other than Merry Christmas! I probably won’t be working on the site much in the next few days, because I will want to be with my family! So, I guess I will see you guys after the Holiday season! Oh, and check out this cool emoticon I found! PT I love this new fanupdate!!!

Oh, yeah!!! One more thing! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! I made everyone a Christmas card that you are all welcome to take! Click here! :D



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2.teamrango.com-5 votes with 23%

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