Why, hello there.

Of course, you're probably wondering where the updates to this site
have been, and in turn, where I have been. Well, at least, you had probably
wondered about that around 2 years ago when this site was still lively.
As I'm sure you know by now, this site is hopelessly dead. I've made multiple
attempts to bring it back to life, but I have failed at every try. The lack
of motivation always drives me away from working on this.

So I've decided that it's time to put this poor thing out of it's misery.
If you still want to visit this site, for whatever reason, you can go ahead
and do so. Links are below. But I'd like to note that almost all of the
opinions that I have written about on this website have changed, either minorly
or majorly.

So to all of you who truly enjoyed this website, thank you for your support.
The same goes to my old friends and affiliate websites. This website would've
never been anything more than some dumb 12-year-old ranting to himself if it
hadn't been for you. I'd also like to thank the admin of PokemonFan.net for
hosting this site, even after, literally, years of inactivity.

But before this gets too sappy, I may as well shamelessly plug my YouTube channel.
If you still want to follow me, you can do so here, Cody and I make gaming videos,
regularly and we hope that you can enjoy those.

Oh, and if you want to contact me, you can do so at teamrango@gmail.com

Now that that's over with,
click here to go to the home page of the site.

See you guys some other time.
-Team Rango